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Presented the 2014 “Division Championship Winners” Award.
Congratulation To Your Dedication to Our Sport!

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Presented the 2014 “Dog of the Year” Award.
Congratulation To Your Dedication to Our Sport!

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Rocky Mountain Sporting Dog Club is a very unique sporting bird dog club.  The club is dedicated to families that either have or want to have pointing dog(s) and/or flushing dog(s).  The members enjoy watching and competing with their dog(s) in a competitive fun filled environment.  Our focus is on friendly field trial fun hunts where members have fun competing for bragging rights.  Member's dogs are competing in one of two categories, either pointing or flushing field trials.

We have a championship trial (run in an open division format) for both categories, which are held in May of every year.  Those titles are for “Pointing Champion”and “Flushing Champion".  To qualify for the semi-finals your dog must have placed in the top three in either the open or doubles divisions.  The top three dogs from both categories will earn a nice trophy.

In addition to the two championship titles we have the “Dog of The Year” title in both categories. The dog with the highest point accumulation throughout the year, one each in pointing and flushing, will receive the “Dog of the Year” title with a very nice trophy.  These awards will be presented at the annual club picnic held in July.

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