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Bird Dog Club Where the Whole Family Will Participate In and Learn To Handle Their Dog(s) In a Fun Filled Environment.

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Home Page

Home Page

If you are still undecided about joining our club, membership does come with it's advantages.  We take membership on a first come, first in!  Membership is based on Land Usage and Field Trail Hunts sizes.  Please click the link below.

We all say many thanks to our sponsors, please click on the “Club's Sponsor” link below to see our club's sponsors.

We encourage anyone who has or wants to have a bird dog to get involved.  Please get involved now by clicking on the “Join Club Now” link.

We encourage and promote the involvement of families.  While women and youth are welcome to participate in regular club events we recognize that women and youth who have not competed in shooting sports may feel intimidated.  Because we want to encourage women and youth to participate we also have events specifically designed for them.

Rocky Mountain Sporting Dog Club is for the whole family and all bird dog breeds, i.e. pointers, flushers and retrievers both registered and non-registered dogs.  The Club extends the bird hunter's hunting season through it’s events and educates it's members in bird dog training, hunting skills, shooting skills and field trial competition.  

Through our fun filled events and educational opportunities, we feel you will build lifelong friendships.  These opportunities come from seminars, dog training clinics, trap shooting clinics, fun hunts and competition field trials both in sanctioned and non-sanctioned events.  In doing so we are helping to preserve the great American hunting tradition so that our grandchildren can experience and enjoy it as much as our grandparents did.

Our members understand and value the experiences of bird hunting with a well trained bird dog.  We promote good sportsmanship, responsible breeding, hunting and field trial traditions.  We have competitive and entertaining events designed to highlight the diversity of both our members (experienced, novice, women and youth handlers) and their bird dogs.

Bird Dog Club Where the Whole Family Will Participate In and

Learn To Handle Their Dog(s) In a Fun Filled Environment.

Rocky Mountain Sporting Dog Club is a very unique dog club.  The club is dedicated to families that either have or want to have pointing dog(s) or flushing dog(s).  The members enjoy watching and competing with their dog(s) in an competitive, fun, sportsmanship filled environment.

"The Club for All Bird Dog Breeds"